Purchase Policy


Selecting a new supplier will emerge from an interesting offer made to the company or by searching for alternatives. These will be subject to the general supplier selection criteria, which are: 
  • Range of products and services offered;
  • Commercial and social good practices;
  • Supply’s availability: deadline;
  • Price and payment conditions.

The organization privileges relations with suppliers who meet internal expectations: to supply quality products and services at the best price, fulfill established deadlines, and guarantee respect for social and commercial good practices.


Every time an order does not show signs of anomalies, it will be classified as GOOD. Only the orders that present anomalies should be registered and will be evaluated according to the following parameters: 
  • Quality Q1
  • Quantity Q2
  • Deadline P1
  • Other issues P2

  • Products: Order Assessment = Score sum according to assessment (Q1+Q2+P1+P2);
  • Services: Order Assessment = Score sum according to assessment (Q1+P1+P2)
From the score previously obtained, it can result in the following order assessment:
  • If the order assessment is greater than 3: UNSATISFACTORY
  • If the order assessment is equal to 3: SATISFACTORY
  • If the order assessment is below 3: GOOD

Every year, the quality manager compiles, for each supplier, the score of all orders made to them, during that period.
The supplier’s final score is obtained by applying the following criteria:
  • If Σ GOOD ≥ (Σ SATISFACTORY + Σ UNSATISFACTORY), the supplier’s classification is GOOD;
  • If Σ SATISFACTORY ≥ (Σ GOOD + Σ UNSATISFACTORY), the supplier’s classification is AVERAGE;
  • If Σ UNSATISFACTORY ≥ (Σ GOOD + Σ SATISFACTORY), the supplier’s classification is INFERIOR.
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