Purchase Policy


The supplier evaluation is continuous and initiates with the order evaluation. As soon as an order is validated, the person responsible for the process to which the purchase is meant, together with the Head of Purchasing, evaluate the order. The following parameters are registered regarding each order:
  • Quality
  • Quantity
  • Deadline fulfillment
  • Price
The order receives a score in each of the parameters according to the performance, which describes if the specifications for each are met or not and,if not, if it has impact over the company operation.
If the weighting of scores in the various parameters arises an evaluation between:
  • 3 and 5, the order is evaluated: UNSATISFACTORY;
  • 2 and 3, the order is evaluated: SATISFACTORY;
  • lower than 2, the order is evaluated: GOOD.
If the order is classified with UNSATISFACTORY, the Quality Responsible, after a joint assessment with the management,  is given the option to notify the supplier, in written, to proceed to the necessary corrective measures. The acessment period may be reduced if the dectection of non-compliances is frequent.
Anually, the Quality Responsible calculates the evaluation for the supplier in that period. For the objective, the score for all the orders in the period is considered. The  supplier's final classification is obtained considering the following criteria:
  1. G equals total number of orders classified as GOOD;
  2. S equals total number of orders classified as SATISFACTORY;
  3. U equals total number of orders classified as UNSATISFACTORY.
  • If G ≥ (S + U), the supplier's classification is GOOD;
  • If S ≥ (G + U), the supplier's classification is AVERAGE;
  • If U ≥ (G + S), the supplier's classification is INFERIOR.
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